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Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are essential in our efforts to ensure newcomers feel a sense of belonging and support, which helps them successfully integrate into our society. By sharing your unique experience, talents, passion, knowledge, and time, you can make a valuable contribution to welcoming newcomers to their new homes.

Volunteering provides an opportunity for people to connect and grow as individuals and create a healthy community. 

Join our dedicated team of more than 400 volunteers and make a difference in the lives of immigrants and refugees new to Canada and your own life.

Community Events

Stay connected to our EVENTS PAGE for upcoming community events.

We Care for Newcomers

Newcomers from around the world are a vibrant part of our society, helping to strengthen our communities with cultural diversity and new growth opportunities. Therefore, our top priority is ensuring all newcomers feel supported, settled, and welcomed.


Moving to a new country is overwhelming and intimidating. We strive to lessen the impact of this significant change through meaningful services and support. Creating an empowering and inspiring experience drives our core values and goals. 

All newcomers are welcome, and we are excited to see you grow as you settle into your new community in Central Alberta.

Welcome to Canada!

Helping newcomers settle in Central Alberta with resources, education, and support as they arrive in Canada.


Programs and services are easy to access and designed for the successful settlement and integration of newcomers in Central Alberta. Our staff and volunteers provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, and we are passionate about giving resources to make your journey as rewarding as possible.

Resources include English as a second language (ESL), youth settlement support, community resources and referrals, cultural education and awareness, and employment connection.


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