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Learning English Starts Here

Care for Newcomers helps newcomers learn English in Red Deer and Central Alberta communities. It includes permanent Canadian residents, refugees, and immigrants. We have classes for people of different skill levels to help them learn and use English.


Learning English in class includes:

  • Life skills

  • Shopping

  • Banking

  • Going to the doctor

  • Work and getting a job

  • Transit


It also includes fun groups to help practice English with other newcomers and get used to speaking in the community.

ENGLISH For Life In Canada

Learning English made easy for newcomers like you.

Learning English helps newcomers meet people, get jobs, and feel positive as they begin their new life in Canada. We help newcomers learn and use English in class, school, and in groups called Conversation Groups.


Learning English Starts HERE

To begin taking English (ESL) classes, call Care for Newcomers and fill out a sign-up form. Our Care for Newcomers employees will help you pick the class that matches your English level.

ENGLISH for Life in Canada

Learning and getting better at English helps you be successful here in Canada. Adult and youth newcomers can take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and join Learn & Meet Groups with the help of Care for Newcomers' staff at our office and in schools.


When you learn English, it gets easier to find work, meet new people, and go shopping. You are an important part of our community, and English helps to make you feel more at home here. 


ESL classes teach newcomers English in a class setting to speak, read, and write English starting from what they know and getting better with each level. Classes are part-time and can be during the day, at night, on the weekend, or during school hours.

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Contact Us & Learn More

Contact us to learn about the English learning options we offer!


Learning English is easier with our classes for newcomers and people who need to improve their English skills. Call Care for Newcomers at 403-346-8818 and ask for help with taking an English class. We will help you get started. 

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What We Need

Our Care for Newcomers Staff will find out if you are a permanent Canadian resident or a non-permanent Canadian resident to asses which English classes you can take. Then, you will fill out some forms to find out how much English you know to help us put you in the best class for you.

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Sign Up & Learn/English Classes

Care for Newcomers has several English (ESL) classes to help newcomers like you learn Engligh. Your Care for Newcomers representative will help you sign up for the best English class to meet your skill level. If you need childcare or your child needs help with English, we can help. Please ask our Care for Newcomers employees for more information.

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