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COMMUNITY Engagement

Connecting newcomers to our community through culture and inclusivity

Joining a new community is easier for newcomers with introductions to people, events, the chance to learn, and a feeling that they are welcome and belong. Care for Newcomers connects caring volunteer Canadians with Newcomers and their families to help them feel more comfortable with life in Canada.

When newcomers connect directly to people in their new communities, they have an easier time understanding English, making new friends, and learning more about Canadian culture.


Settlement in a new country is hard, but Care for Newcomers provides the chance to meet new people who understand and work to simplify the process with services, volunteer companions, and access to cultural events of all kinds.


As newcomers become actively involved in their new Canadian community, they find others like them and a sense of belonging— a sign that Canada welcomes many cultures and backgrounds. Indeed, we build a bridge between newcomers and Canadians for successful settlement and fellowship.


Companionship at Care for Newcomers means we introduce a Canadian volunteer to a newcomer as a one-to-one match to help them learn about daily life in Canada. With this fellowship or guide, newcomers get help learning about:


  • Services

  • Everyday English

  • Shopping

  • Cultural events

  • Community landmarks

  • Areas of interest

  • And much more!


Our goal is to give newcomers the chance to learn about Canada and their new community from a personal viewpoint, one where they can also ask questions from someone who happily volunteers their time and knowledge.


**Also known as Canada Connects Match Program

Community Bridging

Care for Newcomers has weekly activities and events to help Newcomers learn about their new Albertan community and meet new people.  Through our events and activities, Newcomers get to:


  • Meet people and socialize

  • Improve English skills

  • Learn about local landmarks

  • Discover new cultures and celebrate their own

  • Try crafts, sports, or games

  • Volunteer in the community

  • Enjoy new experiences with our help


Our Care Workers plan events with the help of volunteers, including other Newcomers, to help make settling into Canada easier and lessen feelings of being alone or uncertain.


If you or someone you know is interested, see our Activities & Events Calendar, and please register by contacting us at the Care for Newcomers office or the button below.


Volunteering in the community benefits everyone and is an important part of Care for Newcomers. When you become a Care Volunteer, you meet new people, learn about their cultures,  and introduce Newcomers to Canadian culture while attending activities and events. 


It is a beautiful way to connect, help others, make a difference in the lives of others, build a Canadian resume, and make friends. Our Care Volunteers help bring a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere to Central Alberta communities and participate in the following:


  • Companionship: one-to-one matches that pair Canadians, Newcomers, and resident volunteers with newly-arrived Newcomers to help them learn about life in Canada and feel more comfortable in their new community.

  • Interpretation and Translation: interpreters and translator volunteers help Newcomers understand and communicate during needs like education, appointments, conversation, and documents.

  • Public Awareness: present and share culture and immigration experiences with schools, public groups, and other agencies to help our community connect with Newcomers and their journeys.

  • Groups: Volunteers help Newcomers meet new people, learn, and settle easier through language groups, men’s and women’s groups, SNAP youth groups, and group activities and events.

  • Employer Work Experience: local businesses and companies offer work experience and training time to help Newcomers gain valuable new skills for their resume and possible employment.

  • General Volunteering: share skills and talents for various activities, administrative needs, fundraising, trade shows, and community events.

  • Volunteer Board Member: oversees the direction and management of Care for Newcomers, ensuring quality services for immigrants, refugees, and Canadians.



Care for Newcomers volunteers helps open our community to newcomers by generously sharing their time and experience. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us or register here.

Conversation Groups

One of the best ways to learn English is with practice. Care for Newcomers provides language groups, or conversation circles, to help Newcomers practice their speaking, reading, and writing skills outside the classroom.


These guided groups include topics like:


  • Banking

  • Healthcare

  • Shopping

  • Sports and recreation

  • Making appointments

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Transportation

  • Community events


Newcomers are welcome to join our conversation and reading groups to continue learning English and feel more comfortable in our community. Speak to a Care Worker about what language group would be best for you and your family members.

Public Awareness

At Care for Newcomers, we believe that it takes an entire community to make Newcomers feel at home, and like the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” it takes a village to help settle Newcomers and their families.


Part of this process is to help the general public understand and appreciate the different cultures, traditions, and experiences that Newcomers bring to our society.

That is why we offer our Public Awareness program, where we provide free intercultural workshops, cultural presentations and events, and anti-racism training for anyone interested in increasing knowledge and creating a more welcoming and inclusive community in Central Alberta.


Our Public Awareness workshops help provide resources in Red Deer and Central Alberta communities to grow inclusivity, acceptance, and cultural awareness as Newcomers settle into Canada and become active citizens of our society.


Care for Newcomers Public Awareness workshops include:


For schools, libraries, and youth groups:

  • Presentations on cultures, traditions, and celebrations

  • Help for students to develop their cultural and global understanding

  • Discussion of social justice issues


For colleges, organizations, institutions, agencies, and the public,

  • Intercultural training workshops

  • Presentations on a variety of cultural and immigration topics

  • Encouragement to understand of the challenges of settlement and integration


Cultural Events:

  • World Refugee Day

  • Alberta Culture Day Projects

  • International Anti-Racism Event

  • International Mother Language Day

  • Cultural Cafes on a variety of topics

  • We can tailor all presentations to meet the specific needs of your group or organization


Contact us for more information.

 “We like to visit with our Canadian family and practice English. Practicing English is very important to me, helps me speak better. We learned a lot about Canadian culture and lifestyle. Now, we appreciate more what a great country Canada is."
“We like to visit with our Canadian family and practice English. Practicing English is very important to me, helps me speak better. We learned a lot about Canadian culture and lifestyle. Now, we appreciate more what a great country Canada is…”
“Volunteering with my refugee friend really opened my eyes to some of the hardships he had to endure…and learning how much I take for granted like being able to drive, go shopping, get groceries, etc. My overall experience as a volunteer with Care is an amazing one that I will cherish forever.”
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