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Formerly known as Alberta Global Talent, the employment support offered through Care for Newcomers opens doors to employment training, mentoring, and opportunities for newcomers.

For many newcomers, the work environment in Canada is very different from their home country, and they need help joining a business. At the same time, employers need to learn how to properly support and mentor a newcomer within their company dynamics to get the most out of their talents.

We are committed to the service of connecting newcomers to employers for career opportunities, and successful employment of the many high-skilled newcomers who arrive in our region every year.

Care for Newcomers bridges the gap between the needs of newcomers and employers, creating a welcoming, inclusive, and beneficial relationship for a healthy, competitive Central Alberta economy.


For newcomers in Central Alberta

Mentoring Program

The Care for Newcomers Employment programs helps newcomers get the training and support they need to enter the workforce. Newcomers' existing skills and education get matched with participating employers in mentoring partnerships to gain the knowledge to start a new job here in Central Alberta.

While we do not directly help newcomers find a job, we will connect you with resources for training, mentoring opportunities, and tools to connect you to employment in your area.

With participating employer mentors, you have the opportunity to learn about inside operations, policies, procedures, and practice your skills. These businesses are members of our community who understand that diversity is important for their organization’s success and eager to utilize your education and talent while you upgrade your education.

Mentors are often people who were newcomers to Canada, just like you. In some cases, they are retired or own companies and have valuable connections to assist you in your search for employment. If you are interested in becoming a Care for Newcomers Employment Mentor, please connect with us.

Our strategy involves referral to other Care for Newcomers programs and resources such as Care for Newcomers ESL classes, support groups, mentor programs, recreation, and social events, and education about the Canadian culture and Central Alberta community.

Employer Readiness

The workforce of immigrants is an essential demographic for our local economy. Most newcomers come to Canada with valuable skills, education, and a desire to provide a better life for themselves and their families. Some immigrants have had the chance to prepare and plan their move to Canada, while refugees have left their previous homes due to crisis. A common misunderstanding is that refugees bring a lower skill set and would not add value to your business. However, many bring an untapped wealth of expertise.

Are you a Central Alberta employer looking to connect with a talented network of skilled employees?

Our Employer Readiness and Engagement program is the best way to get a direct connection into a skilled labour force. Our programs, workshops, and other resources will assist Central Alberta employers to attract, hire, onboard, and retain qualified immigrants.

Care for Newcomers Employment focuses on the entire hiring process, including:

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