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Translation & Interpretation SERVICES

Giving newcomers barrier-free access to essential services

Access to translation and interpretation services is vital for newcomers to Canada as they begin to acclimate to our community. Care for Newcomers supports newcomers with limited or no English, including permanent residents and refugees, with access to essential information and removes the language barrier.

We provide translation and interpretation services vital to accessing appointments, documents, schools, healthcare, events, activities, and educational credentials.


Care for Newcomers translation and interpretation services are provided at no cost for Permanent Residents, and at a small fee for other newcomers.

Translation services include the translation of documents, such as:

  • Drivers’ licenses

  • Educational certificates and transcripts

  • Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates

  • Important documents

  • Some healthcare records and reports

Interpreters and translators are often newcomers or even second and third-generation Canadians in our community. They speak over thirty-five languages and dialects and generously offer their time to newly landed immigrants and refugees. Our volunteers are friendly, professional, and always respect newcomers’ privacy throughout the process.

This service helps to make newcomers’ settlement in Central Alberta smoother.

Interpretation services include appointments, such as:

  • Schools

  • Healthcare

  • Agencies

  • Government offices

  • Other necessary organizations


Notary services are also available for translation at little or no extra cost if needed.

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