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Since the inception of the Central Alberta Refugee Effort in 1980, a great deal has changed. Not only about who is coming to Canada, but the reasons why. Founded by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to assist with the settlement of Indochinese refugees fleeing the aftermath of the Vietnam War, the focus of the society in 1980 was to help refugees arriving in Central Alberta.

In the last 40 years, who we serve and why we help have progressed beyond an effort to support only refugees. Many newcomers are moving to Canada by choice as immigrants, and our services have evolved to meet that need. Yet, ultimately, our name was the only part of the Central Alberta Refugee Effort that did not change.

As we enter the 5th decade of serving and supporting newcomers, we wanted to transition to properly represent all we do and how the community recognizes our work.


From C.A.R.E. to Care for Newcomers

Over the years, the Central Alberta Refugee Effort has been referred to, in short, as C.A.R.E. When looking to re-brand, we needed to make sure that what we do and how we care for others remained a significant part of who we are.

The transition made sense. We Care for Newcomers, all newcomers — refugees, immigrants, and the sectors and communities that we engage in welcoming them to Canada and Central Alberta.

As of April 1, 2022, we are proud to now be known as Care for Newcomers.

"An effort to help landed refugees is the foundation of who we are, but we are so much more."

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