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Learn English in classes that make it easy for newcomers like you.

Newcomers provide a fresh talent pool from which to add their knowledge and skills to contribute to our community, giving them a sense of value and pride. In addition, Care for Newcomers Employment works with Red Deer and Central Albertan employers who wish to embrace an inclusive culture in their workforce and realize the possibilities for improvement and success.

Care for Newcomers offers four workshop series designed to help employers successfully navigate newcomer employees' hiring, training, and retention. With half and full-day workshops, employers learn to attract immigrant and refugee employees to their company.

Participating employers reported notable improvements to their business since taking Care for Newcomers Employment workshops and hiring immigrants and refugees new to Canada.


Employers thinking of attracting Newcomer employees will find the information they need to prepare their business for the hiring process and the joys and challenges of integrating an inclusive environment.

Ready for Talent Series

The Find Talent Series is the next step for Central Albertan businesses and introduces Newcomers' interviewing and hiring process to their company.

How To Find Talent Series

The How to Integrate Talent Series is the third step in the hiring process for Central Albertan businesses interested in hiring Newcomers. It continues the process as we consider the importance of orientation and onboarding both Newcomer new hires and all new employees.

How To Integrate Talent Series

The How to Retain Talent Series looks at what motivates people to stay in their jobs. As the fourth step, we look at successfully supporting employees for long-term employment and navigating difficulties.

How To Retain Talent Series
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