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Our service starts with an intake and assessment of the specific needs and goals of the youth and their family, once they have chosen their new school.

We learn about the students’ needs and goals, so we design and lead different activities accordingly.

We work in partnership with schools to ensure seamless support for all.

We will continue to provide our support as long as needed and do our best to help newcomer youth successfully complete High School. From there, youth can move on to further education or other exciting things in their Canadian life.

 Settlement Support in Schools

Our Settlement Practitioners in Schools assist newcomer students and their families in the following ways:

Assessment & Registration

We assist in the initial school registration process, assess the needs of students and their families, and develop an appropriate action plan in coordination with the school.

Practical Guidance

Throughout the school year we provide information sessions and guidance for students and their families.

Culturally Sensitive Counseling

We believe that transparency builds trust-based relationships. At Care for Newcomers, we live transparency through accountability, honesty, openness, being honourable, vulnerability, and trustworthiness.

Supported Referrals & Casework

We are able to assist with immediate intervention services in crisis situations, referring to programs and community resources. This includes joint case management with professionals as required. Services may be long term for complex cases.

Family Support

If needed we provide comprehensive child development and family support to enhance the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of participating families with children in schools served by our Settlement Practitioners. Our Family Educator helps parents and caregivers gain the knowledge and skills required to raise emotionally, psychologically, and physically healthy children, facilitating their successful transition into Canada. This program extends our youth settlement services beyond the school setting to the client’s home environment.


As a support to students families, we will advocate on their behalf with as required and necessary.

SETTLEMENT Support in Schools

Helping you effectively integrate into Alberta schools

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