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The Settlement for Newcomers Through Activities and Programs, also known as SNAP, provides a welcoming and safe environment for the young newcomers to share their adjustment challenges and receive support. We understand that settlement in a new country offers unique challenges to youth who have one foot in the culture of their parents and the other foot in the culture of their peers. This program strives to help youth experience a healthy adjustment and integration into Canadian society. There is a strong emphasis on creating age-appropriate and fun ways to improve English language skills, increase social interaction, and develop new friendships.

Get Started with SNAP. Make Friends. Enjoy Canada!

SNAP Youth Program

The Settlement for Newcomers Through Activities and Programs, also known as SNAP

SNAP offers weekly activities and special events which give the youth opportunity to explore their new community and learn more about Canadian culture. We also have special activities and creative projects which allow the youth to share their unique cultural heritage.

​SNAP provides a bridge for kids to engage with each other and their new community, showing them new sports, recreation, and creative activities, and how to make new friends, both in and out of school.

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A bright and inclusive Central Albertan society includes the happiness and well-being of newcomer youth in our area. Care for Newcomers wants to help you feel welcome, integrate in schools, make friends and find a sense of belonging, and set you up for a successful life in Canada.

“SNAP has helped my daughter to find new friends!”

“My Settlement Support Worker really helped me get into the right courses at school. Without her, I would have been lost.”


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Drop-In Activities, Events, & Programs

Play games, learn sports, create amazing arts and crafts, and make new friends at SNAP!

Our programs and activities are fun and exciting for middle school and high school-aged youth to learn more about Canada and Central Alberta while meeting other kids who understand what it is like to move to a new country.

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Register for SNAP

If you have a newcomer youth who is interested in joining SNAP, you can register through your SWIS worker at school, contact our main office, or inquire on Facebook or Instagram.

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Share Your Stories

There are many fun and adventurous stories from SNAP events and activities! We love to hear how you enjoy being a member of SNAP and what it has been like moving to Central Alberta.


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